Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oscar Nazi Award nominations: Animated Feature

It's been a strong year for Animated Features.
In a normal year, any of these would have won:

Coraline (Henry Selick)
This is masterful telling of a brilliant story. The visuals not only dazzle, but also support the subtext of the screenplay.

Fantastic Mr. Fox (Wes Anderson)
The smooth wittiness of the script combined with the deliberate jumpiness of the animation combines to give one undeniably cool and hilarious movie.

Mary and Max (Adam Elliot)
An overlooked gem that is utterly moving and delightful. A sharp sense of humour brings levity to some weighty subject matter.

Ponyo (Hayao Miyazaki)
Simply adorable from start to finish. It's for children, but it's not childish, and comes complete with some of Miyazaki's favourite themes.

Up (Pete Docter)
What started out as a simple but captivating image is fleshed out into a wonderfully imaginative and poignant tale by Pixar's ingenious story-spinners.

Just missed: The Princess and the Frog.


Tom said...

I think "Princess" will be nominated. Along with the other 4 above except for "Mary and Max". I never heard of that one. "Meatballs" should not be nominated; that's a stupid one. Hope no one votes for that.

The Oscar Nazi said...

I'm afraid people will vote for it, Tom, likely at the expense of "Ponyo". It's a crazy world we live in.

Tom said...

Im not convinced. I recall a few years ago when "Spirited Away" won over some other more well known fare. Also don't be surprised if Robert Zemekis' Christmas Carol gets nominated.

The Oscar Nazi said...

"Spirited Away" was praised by critics and audiences as Miyazaki's masterpiece. It won because it was simply that much better than its competition.

"Ponyo", while delightful, is a less complex piece of work and has much stiffer competition than "Spirited Away" had. Besides, I find it hard to believe that three of the five nominees would be Disney contenders. It's more likely that "Cloudy" (or maybe even "Monsters and Aliens") gets in.

Again, the animators are none to thrilled with performance capture, so I can't see "A Christmas Carol" getting in.

Tom said...

Well, Mr. T was a bit too lowbrow and juvenille for my taste, especially the shot of him sucking in his buttcheeks. But, if that's your pick, have at it.

The Oscar Nazi said...

It's the most sensible prediction at this point, but I'll be happy to be wrong.