Friday, January 29, 2010

Oscar Nazi Award nominations: Cinematography

This is always my favourite craft category, so I saved it for last.
Here are my choices for the Best Cinematography of the year, accompanied by my favourite shot from each film:

Harry Potter (Bruno Delbonnel)
His work on this film is textured and distinct. Definitely the most beautifully shot film of the series. The pensieve scenes in particular are a brilliant display of lighting and focus.

The Hurt Locker (Barry Ackroyd)
Not as pretty as its fellow nominees, but Ackroyd deserves a ton of credit for energizing the film with his docudrama photographic style. It adds a sense of immediacy and urgency to each scene.

Inglourious Basterds (Robert Richardson)
It may not be on the same level as is astounding work on Tarantino's Kill Bill saga, but Richardson's eye for interesting composition is unmistakably present here, as is his talent for camera movement.

Nine (Dion Beebe)
Exquisitely lit, as we've come to expect from Beebe. His lighting of the musical numbers in particular is as important to defining the characters of the sprawling female ensemble as Colleen Atwood's costumes.

The Road (Javier Aguirresarobe)
Through Aguirresarobe's lens we see a world so empty and dead that you can practically smell it. His shots are interestingly framed, focused, and lit, capturing incredible visuals in a gray, sunless earth.

Just Missed:
Antichrist, Where the Wild Things Are, Bright Star, Avatar.

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